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April 20, 2018

In 2008 I was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Black Mold contamination. My basement was flooded and the sheetrock on the walls were saturated and I thought nothing of it being in the basement. I allowed the walls to dry out on their own. Over the next eight months I developed symptoms that I thought was attributed to allergies.

I treated my discomfort with over the counter medication targeting what I thought were allergies. On a lunch break at a restaurant I had an incident when I sneezed and blood was projected onto the floor, a wall and table where I was standing. Needless to say the restaurant needed to be decontaminated. I was rushed to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a severe case of mold contamination in my nose.

Overtime mold had developed on the sheetrock and my firewood that was stacked in a corner in the basement. The spores from the mold had traveled into the living area of the home. An associate of mine and his partner (a chemical engineer) had developed a specific formula for killing this mold that was in the stage of testing.

My home was one of the first homes to be treated before an application for a registration with the EPA was filed. The areas where mold had grown were treated with this new formula. The results were amazing, it had completely killed the mold and in all of the areas of treatment the mold never redeveloped. It has been more than nine years since the mold solution was applied.

After my home was treated the engineer that developed the formula passed away and the filing was put on hold. I contacted the living partner developing the solution and put him in contract with Moisture Flow Manufacturing. An agreement was consummated and Moisture Flow Manufacturing would take over the manufacturing and distribution.

The mold solution is a perfect package with the Soffit Vent that was invented by Moisture Flow Manufacturing to eliminate mold. I personally recommend these two products and no home should be without them.

John K. Domici, Jr.


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