Moisture Flow Soffit Vent System

Soffit Vent prevents black mold and moisture damage in the attic caused by improperly vented bathroom exhaust fans.

Targeting improperly vented bath fans in attics will eliminate expenses from mold contamination, structural damage, and associated remediation costs.

Current bathroom exhaust fan soffit terminations place the exhausted air directly into the soffit’s passive air stream, which results in the exhausted air circulating back into the attic.   The exhausted air that goes back into the attic can cause mold growth and moisture damage.  

National institutions in the USA report that the annual expense from mold exceeds $500 billion annually.

Moisture Flow Soffit Vent System Is An Exhaust Fan Termination That Vents Through the Soffit

Soffit Vent is a termination that vents a bathroom exhaust fan through the soffit.  Soffit Vent directs the moist air away from the soffit’s passive air stream, preventing re-entry into the attic.  This prevents mold growth and moisture damage in the attic.

Soffit Vent is a viable alternative to venting a bath fan through the roof or to a gable wall, which have limitations and potential negative effects on home and health.

Soffit Vent is an industry first, providing builders and homeowners with a safe and effective way for venting a bathroom exhaust fan properly.

Soffit Vent is manufactured by Moisture Flow Manufacturing.

Soffit Vent System – One Size Fits All Soffits


The Soffit Vent is releasing the extracted moist air outside soffit’s passive air flow

Soffit Vent System is a Multifaceted Concept

The Moisture Flow Soffit Vent solves and prevents a multitude of problems with structural and health-care costs.

  • Venting through a soffit without risking the exhausted air from going back into the attic, causing moisture damage and mold growth.
  • Venting through a roof or gable wall, which can void roof or siding warranties.
  • Targets the cost to repair structural damage and remediation from the effects of mold, in excess of $73 billion annually.
  • Offsets health-care costs and loss of business productivity due to employee illness in the United States, which amounts to over half a trillion dollars annually. *

* October 25, 2012 by got mold?®

Moisture Flow Soffit System Features

  • THRIVE™ A sustainable thermoplastic composite
  • Lightweight & Pre-Assembled
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • An Eco-friendly material derived from cellulose fibers
  • Easy install, one-size-fits-all soffits
  • Job Creation

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