Moisture Flow House Mold Remediation Cost


The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® is patented and is in a class of its own.
For the past 40 years manufacturers have been making vents as the termination of the ductwork for bathroom exhaust fans in accordance with Building Codes.
The problems are the vents have negative results costing homeowners billions of dollars in damage to the homes and resulting in mold contamination to many occupants of the home.
Instead of addressing the problems that the vents were causing, new codes were established for the remediation of mold and moisture damage in the homes.

With this concept the pathway for opening remediation companies had promising and lucrative futures.
In the end it is ALWAYS the homeowner that bears the costs!

For a limited time only order the Soffit Vent for only $48.79 incl. S/H. A saving of 35% off the retail price of $74.98. 

The Deliveries are scheduled to start end of November.

Thank you for your consideration for the inconvenience that may have been caused Corvid 19.

One Soffit Vents fits all soffits from 8″ to 36″

Only available in the USA and Canada   Note: Shipments to Canada will be subject to an additional cost of approximately $4.50 per unit.

The distinction of how the patented Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow ® stands alone compared with the all the other soffit vents used to vent a bathroom today exhaust fan. 

Soffit Exhaust Vent


The Gold Standard of Venting of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan to the Exterior

Soffit Vent Installation

 Every soffit vent without exception installed in the soffit for the past 40 years will cause mold and moisture damage in the home. The extracted moist air from the exhaust fan is venting directly into the soffits passive airflow, is mixing with the attics intake supply of cool air circulation, and being drawn back into the attic. 

  • A COMPANY specializing in indoor clean air quality.

  • GUARANTEED to STOP attic mold and moisture damage from improper venting of bathroom exhaust fan.

  • Eliminates mold contamination from improper venting of the bathroom fan.

  • PREVENTS the costly expenses for the remediation, repairs and the contamination.

  • SOLVES a long-standing problem safely and effectively.

  • COSTEFFICIENT easy install as a retrofit or new construction

  • CODE COMPLIANT under the International Code Council (ICC) and the International Residential Code Council (IRC).

  • Made in USA & Lifetime Warranty



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