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 The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® 

             The Gold Standard of Soffit Venting An Exhaust Fan                 The Soffit Vent is protected by a Utility Patent and a Design Patent


The Soffit Vent is a revolutionary invention that solves a long-standing problem for venting a bathroom exhaust fan to the exterior as regulated by the Building Code. The ONLY solution is to vent the moist air that is extracted by the exhaust fan outside the passive air flow of the soffit instead of into the soffit. The Soffit Vent works like the exhaust system of a car. The toxic fumes from the engine are released the tailpipe on the a car. This guarantees that the toxic fumes cannot flow back into the cabin of the car and intoxicate the passengers. Click Here.

Every soffit vent without exception sold for the past 40 years used at as the termination of the exhaust fan ductwork are venting the moist air from the bathroom directly into the soffit. Unfortunately, they do not work ! The proof was done by got mold™? an international company specializing in Indoor Air Quality.

Introducing the Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow®

What is so unique about our Soffit Vent is that we vent through the soffit instead of into the soffit. The ductwork of the exhaust fan is attached to the housing of the fan. The other end is extended into the soffit where it is attached to the to the neck of the Soffit Vent that is inserted into the soffit. The Soffit Vent is attached to the exterior of the soffit or the eave. The nose of the soffit vent is place on the exterior side of the facia. This forms a closed circuit and the moist air is release outside of the passive airflow of the soffit. The soffit is the attic’s intake that supplies the cool fresh air for its circulation to keep it cool and dry. EVERY SOFFIT VENT THAT HAS BEEN MANUFACTURED AND SOLD IN ALL OF THE SUPPLIES HOUSES FOR THE PAST 40 YEARS ARE ALL VENTING INTO THE SOFFIT AND NOT THROUGH THE SOFFIT! 


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The video below shows the real movement of the moist air mixing with the cooler air  using the ill conceived termination vents attached to the bathroom exhaust fans.  The moist air extracted from the bathroom is being released directly into the soffit. The soffits passive airflow is the intake for the  attic’s cool air circulation, bringing the extracted moist air into the attic. Once the moist air mixes with the cooler exterior air inside the the soffit it begins to condense. The ridge vent at the peak of the roof draws the air from the soffits passive airflow into the attic. Once the condensation starts this is the beginning of the mold and moisture damage in the attic that eventually spreads throughout the home.

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