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The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® 

The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® is the new Gold Standard for venting a bathroom exhaust fan using the soffit for the termination to the exterior. The Soffit Vent is guaranteed to stop mold and moisture damage in the soffit and the attic by the passive airflow of the soffit for the attic’s intake of fresh air.

The Soffit Vent is designed as a retrofit for existing homes and new construction. The Soffit Vent has Design Patent with the USPTO # D918,374 S, issued on May 4, 2021.


Available for the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Made In the USA

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A Preemptive Measure That Stops Mold and Moisture Damage in the Attic

The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® is a preemptive measure guaranteed to STOP mold, moisture damage. Over time it will cause mold contamination throughout the home.

This Soffit Venting System was conceptually designed based on physics of the dynamic airflow for a bathroom exhaust fan system when venting to the exterior using the soffit.

The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® is a patented design that releases the moist air outside the soffit’s passive airflow. It is the only venting system that separates the moist air extracted from the bathroom exhaust fan that vents directly into the passive airflow of the soffit.

The soffit’s passive airflow is for the intake of the attic’s circulation supply of fresh air to keep it cool and dry. All the other soffit vents placed in the soffit releases the extracted moist air from the exhaust fan directly into the soffit’s passive airflow and back drafted into the attic.

For 40 years, manufacturers have been offering homeowners and builders a soffit vent that is the cause of the problem instead of solving a problem. It has been a longstanding problem that has never been addressed, given the building industry a black eye. In the USA, we spend billions of dollars annually to repair mold and moisture damage in the attic and mold contamination.

The Soffit Vent System is Code Compliant and has an unlimited lifetime warranty with a NO Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

The Soffit Vent is easy to install, efficient, and cost-effective, offering homeowners and builders a safe way to vent a bathroom exhaust using the soffit.

The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® works the same way as a car’s exhaust system tailpipe, preventing the toxic fumes from being carried back into the car’s cabin.


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Why is the Soffit Vent System by Moisture Flow® Necessary?

The unique difference that distinguishes the Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® from other soffit vents is its patented design and function. It is a class of its own and considered the Gold Standard of Venting a bathroom exhaust fan using the soffit. It is the only patented soffit vent capable of separating the warm air from cooler air within the passive airflow of a soffit. The soffit’s purpose is to intake the attic’s circulation of the supply of cool fresh air. it is how the attic stays cool and dry. 

The International Code Council (ICC) and State and Local Building Code any bathroom with a tub or shower are mandatory to install an exhaust that vents to the exterior. None of the Building Codes regulate the type of soffit vents that you used in the soffit. Their position is “Let the Buyer Beware!” All they require is that the exhaust fan vents to the exterior. Whether the soffit vent works or not is not their concern. Their solution was to create regulations for the Remediation industry that has become a billion-dollar industry. The manufacturers of the soffit vents can continue to supply the market with inadequate products at the consumer’s expense.

In 1991, several Icons in the Home Improvement and Remodeling through Nationally Syndicated Programs exposed the dangers of venting a bathroom exhaust into the soffit. One of the most followed contractors was Tom Silva of “This Old  House” with his videos. Another icon was Henri de Marne, “About This House” Columnist also informed his readers of the effects of venting into the soffit and the harm it would it do.

Tom Silva through his syndicated weekly shows and his publications reached over 6 million people a month. Tom Silva’s reproach of the soffit vent in the video below was causing mold in the attic in 1991. Today 30 years later the use of this soffit vent and the dozens like it are still causing mold in the attic.  The only difference is to remediate the mold and the repairs cost a lot more today are much more expensive! For the first time, The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® allows homeowners and builders to vent the exhaust fan through the soffit without having the moist air carried back into the attic.


Tom Silva Justifies the Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow® 

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A Homeowners Most Valuable Asset Is His Health And Home

Got Mold? a company specializing in Clear Air Quality, published an article on October 25, 2012, titled “Mold Damage Costs More Than Half A Trillion Dollars Per Year!” Other recorded data from the EPA, governmental agencies, and specialized accredited companies have never correctly addressed this long-standing problem in almost 30 years.

If the International Code Council, State & Local Building Codes had done their due diligence, there would not be the need for the Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow®. Instead, they have turned a blind eye to the manufacturers supplying the market with over 30 million inferior soffit vents using the remediation companies to clean up the mess.

Today’s most important concern is the environment and Clean Air Quality. Moisture Flow® is a company that takes this to heart. We are committed to offering the consumers products that solve a problem instead of causing a dilemma. Our goal is to replace inadequate products and poor practices that have a detrimental effect on their health or home. A person’s most valuable assets are their health and home; unfortunately, it is a proven fact that you can only count on yourself.

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The Perfection Of Venting An Exhaust Fan Using the Soffit

     The Effects of Mold Contamination With People 

Homeowners and even Builders are not aware of the effects of how improper venting of a bathroom exhaust fan contributes to the mold contamination in the home. Mold growth will start in the interior of the soffit and the passive airflow for the attic circulation carries it into the attic.

Most homeowners have no idea of how important it is to vent a bathroom exhaust properly. The exhaust fan is required by Code and once it is installed and as long as it removes the moisture from the bathroom they are content. The problem is many times homeowners and contractors vent the moist air directly into the attic. Others use the vents sold on the market and are venting directly into the soffit. Many times the bathroom is vented through the roof which was commonly done in the past. Venting through the roof has its drawbacks causing a roof to leak.

Since the attic is not considered part of the living space very few inspections are ever done. “Out of sight out of mind”. Since there is constant air movement in the attic mold spores are able to spread through the entire attic. These spores eventually entire into the crevasse and openings in the ceilings and walls of the attic flooring. The mold spores will grow within the lower ceiling and walls and will spread throughout the home.

Mold contamination is classified into three levels. The most dangerous is that Level 1 has the exact same symptoms of the common allergy. When this occurs their Physician will prescribe an over-the-counter allergy medication. After a period of time, this does not work and the symptoms get worse they are told to go see a Specialist. The only doctor they can diagnose mold contamination is an Environmental Doctor. The Physician was never trained to treat mold contamination. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of the existence of an Environmental Doctor until they find themselves in the stage of Level 2 or maybe Level 3, the most advanced stage.

The Symptoms of Level 1: These are just a few and there are many others. For More Information => Click Here

  • Sneezing,
  • Inching Skin,
  • Redness and
  • skin irritations, Water Eyes, Itching Eyes, and
  • Headaches. These are just a few and there are many others. 

The Symptoms of Level 2: In the stages of Level 2 a person has been exposed to mold for a certain period of time. The symptoms will last longer depending on the time period you are exposed to. They will be more extreme than Level 1.  For More Information => Click Here   

  • Constant Headaches.                   
  • Nose Bleeds
  • Feelings of Constant Fatigue
  • Breathing Disorders.      
  • Coughing up Blood or Black looking Debris
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Skin Rashes
  • Open Sores on the Skin
  • Memory Loss “Short Term”
  • Neurological & Nervous Disorders
  • Swollen Glands in the Neck Area and under the Armpits
  • Ear Infections and Pain

The Symptoms of Level 3: Level 3 is the late stage of being in constant exposure. When a person is in this stage the effect in most cases has attacked the vital organs and may have a long-lasting condition that could take up to two years of medical treatment. In some cases the effects on the vital organ are irreversible. For More Infromation => Click Here

  • Blindness
  • Brain Damage
  • Memory Loss “Long term”
  • Bleeding Lungs
  • Cancer
  • Death

The Effects of Mold Contamination With Domestic Pets

Mold can have an even more dangerous and harmful effect on domestic pets. Domestic pets are contaminated through inhalation or ingestion. The medical treatments are expensive and require long treatments. Domestic pets also will have many of the same symptoms as people besides what is mentioned below. For more information Click Here

Effects of Mold through Inhalation:

  • Difficult or rapid breathing
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal discharge
  • Lethargy
  • Bleeding from the nose and/or mouth

Effects of Mold By Ingestion:

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Stool Changes
  • Tremors
  • Seizures

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