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President of Tamlyn Manufacturing of Building Products

As the president of Tamlyn. The company was established in May 1971 by Ron Tamlyn, Sr. and remains family-owned to this day.

Our history is one of quality, innovation, and proven performance. We are proud to represent the manufacturing end of the building products industry, and remain a competitive manufacturer committed to making products in America,

I was introduced  to Mr Schofel ,CEO of Moisture Flow™ in 2017 by one of my closest trusted engineers that I have a long working relationship with as a consultant.

Over the past 3 years we have been in close contact as the Soffit Vent was being developed. I have found Mr. Schofel to be a person of perseverance and determination to develop a badly need product that has be overlooked in the building industry.

The Soffit Vent responds to the challenges and problems that our industry has yet to face and/or solve. The Soffit Vent effectively solves one of these long-standing problems; safety and effectively venting a bathroom to the soffit.

I was sent the finished product and found it to be perfectly engineered by its function and design. The product is streamlined and blends in perfectly when installed in the soffit. It also eliminates the need from unsightly vents through the siding or roof.

The Soffit Vent is unique in that it is designed for retrofits and existing homes and perfect for new construction.

It is the only venting system available that separates the moist air extracted by the bath fan from mixing with the soffit’s passive airflow of cool air for the intake of the attic’s circulation.

The Soffit Vent is well constructed has a lifetime warranty, is cost efficient, easy to install and is Code Compliant.

The Soffit Vent is a preemptive measure that targets the cause of improper venting of a bathroom exhaust fan instead of treating the results of attic mold and moisture damaged  requiring the heavy costs of the remediation.

Tamlyn is known for manufacturing joist and truss hangers, brick ties, hurricane clips, straps, and holdowns, as well as special and custom welded hangers and have determined the Soffit Vent will fit in with our primary line of products.

I strongly recommend this product. Venting a bathroom exhaust fan to the exterior is required by the Building Code in the USA. The Soffit Vent by Moisture Flow™ in my opinion is an ingenious and badly needed product and solves a long-standing problem when using the soffit.