Eliminate Health Problems With People and Pets from Attic Mold

The Soffit Vent System eliminates health problems from attic mold growth caused by improperly venting bathroom exhaust fans in the attic or to the soffit.  using existing soffit vents. The Soffit Vent System is the only soffit vent that effectively displaces the exhausted air outside of the soffit’s air stream, preventing reentry into the attic.

Installation of the Soffit Vent System

Perfect for the do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors alike.  Installation is easy and requires basic hand tools.

The International Code Council & Local Building Codes

The International Code Council (ICC) is the standard by which all states and local Building Codes follow in residential new construction and existing residential retrofits. The code states that all bathroom exhaust fans must vent to the exterior of a structure.  Venting bathroom exhaust fans to the exterior of a structure is required to displace moisture out of the structure. Effective moisture displacement to the exterior of a structure subscribes to effective removal as well as inhibiting reentry into the structure.  Effective displacement of moisture out of a structure helps prevent mold growth, structural damage, and potential health issues related to poor indoor air quality.

State and local building codes follow the ICC standards for bathroom exhaust venting.  Air shall not be exhausted into an attic, soffit, ridge vent or crawl space. The standards are found in Chapter 15: Exhaust Systems, Section M1501 of the ICC Standard of Codes.

“Exhaust air from bathrooms and toilet rooms shall not be re-circulated within a residence or to another dwelling unit and shall be exhausted directly to the outdoors.  Exhaust air from bathrooms and toilet rooms shall not discharge into an attic, crawl space, or other areas inside the building.”

Improper Venting Types

There are three standard methods of venting bathroom exhaust fans in residential and commercial structures as approved methods by The International Code Council and the State and Local Building Codes.


Henri De Marne

Henri de Marne is perhaps America’s most trusted expert on residential housing, with a nationally syndicated column that has been running for over 40 years in newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

You should never vent a bathroom, kitchen or dryer vent into a ridge, gable or soffit vent — and in all but the hottest climates, never vent through the roof either.

Henri De Marne

The Soffit Vent System vents through the soffit and not into the soffit. Venting through the soffit is an innovated patent pending system.


The Soffit Vent invention will change what;  Henri de Marne , “About The House”, Tom Siva, “The Old House”, Alex Schuts,”Instra-Insultaion” and the other home improvement experts have been teaching us for the past 40 years. Using their methods as well as what the ICC recommended resulted in billions of dollars in repairs each year in the USA.

The Moisture Flow Soffit Vent is the only system that will allow homeowners to use the soffit to eliminate the moist air from the bathroom exhaust fan. The Soffit Vent inhibits the moisture of the exhaust fan from flowing back into the attic of the soffits cool air passive air stream. The design and placement of the Soffit Vent discharges the warm moist air outside of the soffit.