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Soffit Vent System

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Moisture Flow™ is a New Jersey based company specializing in Clean Air Quality. An in-depth study was done   on money spent toward a specific problem related to the homes. 

The data what was complied with the industries related to homes and building; Real Estate, National  Builders, Architects Engineers, remediation companies, and Indoor Air Quality Professional.

The data compiled was astonishing. The economic costs associated with mold and moisture damage in homes and building exceeded a half trillion dollars annually.

Improper venting of a bathroom exhaust fan was the cause attributed to  hundreds of billions of dollars for mold contamination and structural damage to the attic. 

Mold is a silent killer and if it lives in your home over time if untreated can kill the occupants, their domestic pets and the home itself!

The most common sources are; venting directly into the attic, venting directly into the soffit and venting through the roof.

The Moisture Flow Soffit Vent solves this problem! It replaces the unconventional practices and the ineffective products that did more harm than their original purpose.

The International Building Code requires that all bathrooms are vented to the exterior of a home and is an obligation of all new home builders. This also applies to all bathroom renovations and Do-It-Yourself Homeowners.

The Soffit Vent is a revolutionary invention. It is the end piece of a bathroom exhaust fan system using the soffit as a passage way venting through the soffit and not into the soffit.

The Soffit Vent meets the needs for new construction and as a retrofit for the existing homes. 

  • The National Home Builders as an alternative to venting thorough the roof.
  • The 136 million existings homes and the 5.6 million commerical buildings.
  • Ideal for the 50 million Do-It-Yoursefl Homeowners. Installation only requires small hand tools.  

It separates the moist air extracted from the bathroom for the soffit’s passive airflow for the intake supply of the attic’s cool air circulation to keep it cool and dry. It prevents the warm air from mixing with the cooler fresh air that circulates in the attic for it ventilation. 

This is a serious problem that homeowners ignore and don’t pay attention to it.

The Soffit Vent has been tested and will stop mold in the attic from improper venting of a bathroom exhaust fan system. It is cost effective and easy to install. It has a lifetime warranty. 

A part of the proceeds will be donate to the Tunnels to Towers Foundation that aids the Disabled Veterans First Responders, Police and the Fireman that were injured or paid the highest price in serving the county.

Moisture Flow™ products are made in the USA. 

Soffit Vent System
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