Eliminate Mold and Moisture In The Attic Caused By Improperly Venting of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

“Innovative – Groundbreaking – Evolutionary”

The Moisture Flow Soffit Vent System is the solution for eliminating mold created by improperly venting bathroom exhaust fans to a soffit vent. The Moisture Flow Soffit Vent is the only soffit vent in existence that establishes the function of moist air from a bathroom exhaust fan being effectively displaced outside of the soffit’s passive air stream.

This innovative, groundbreaking and evolutionary design displaces the moisture outside of the soffit’s passive air stream, moving the moisture from the bathroom fan exhaust effectively away from the home.

The implications of this product are significant;  it targets attic ventilation, mold in the attic, health issues caused by mold and poor indoor air quality, mold in bathroom ceilings and bathroom exhausts improperly venting warm air into the attic. This invention will save homeowners billions of dollars nationwide. In 2015, Homeowners and Commercial structures spent over $10 billion dollars on remediation and repairs in the United States caused by improper venting.