Moisture Flow Soffit Vent System

Soffit Vent System – One Size Fits All Soffits


Our soffit venting system is truly an industry first.  It is an adapted termination that now provides builders and homeowners with the ability to vent a bathroom exhaust fan through the soffit without running the risk of the exhausted air from circulating back into the attic.  Our soffit vent prevents mold growth and moisture damage caused by improperly vented bath fans in the attic.  It is also a viable alternative to venting through the roof or to a gable wall, which both have limitations and potentially negative effects on home and health.  

The soffit venting system is a down venting system, which unlike up venting systems, works with the laws of physics rather than against them.  The soffit vent works with gravity to discharge the exhausted air from a bath fan.  It also helps conserve energy, save money, and promotes the longevity of the bath fan.  Down venting also helps prevent condensation in the bath fan’s transition duct by eliminating stack effect.  

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