Treating mold is a difficult problem because it can grow anywhere that water and nutrients are found that support mold. The Mold Elimination Product is a unique blend of vegetable proteins extracted from sorghum, corn, millet, and rice and beneficial natural elements that will kill and prevent mold from growing on a wide variety of surface areas such as wood, cloth, cement, glass, steel, dry wall, ceramic tile.

There are many products that claim to kill mold, but only The Mold Elimination Product can prevent mold from re-growing. Some of these anti mold products actually create conditions that can be dangerous since mold residues are toxic to many individuals and easily become air borne. Mold that is captured in a protective film can lay dormant for years waiting for the right conditions to flourish once again.

The Mold Elimination Product can be applied to a surface area and kill mold and mold spores as they come in contact with our product weeks, months, even years later. The Mold Elimination Product can be sprayed onto a mold infected area and kill mold on contact and prevent mold from returning. The Mold Elimination Product is safe to use when following the directions on the label.