Black Mold
In the Attic Caused By Improper Venting of Bathroom Exhaust Fans
Moisture Flow Soffit Vent Eliminate Black Mold
MoistureFlow Soffit Vent is the Answer
“Innovative – Groundbreaking – Revolutionary”
Black MOLD Contamination Causes Serious Health Issues with:
Your Family – Especially Children
The Elderly
Those with Weakened Immune Systems
Your Domestic Pets

What does the Moisture Flow Soffit Vent Do?

Moisture Flow Soffit Vent is like exhaust system for your house


The Moisture Flow Soffit Vent is a down venting system. Down venting , rather than up venting, works with the laws of physics rather than against them. Working with gravity – rather than against gravity – helps conserves  energy, saves money, and promotes longevity of the bathroom fan. also helps prevent condensation in the bath fan’s transition duct because stack effect is no longer acting upon that duct. In respecting the laws of physics the Soffit Vent is downward venting and saves energy.

The design of the Soffit Vent has an opening at the end of it that is positioned and fixed to the soffit of the home at the extreme end of the unit at the edge of the roof line. The end of the vent has fixed baffles on an upward angle designed to direct the exhaust air up, out, and away from the home. The fixed baffles are also designed to prevent back drafting, expelling the exhaust moist air, preventing it from returning into the passive cool air flow of the soffit.

The Soffit Vent can be compared to the way a car’s exhaust system works.

The Soffit Vent works the same way as the tail pipe of the car’s exhaust system. When the bathroom fan is in use it pushes the warm moist air out of the bathroom through the transition duct attached to the unit. The transition is attached to the fitting of the fan and this then runs to the soffit of the home. The Soffit Vent is then attached to the end of the transition duct from the opening in the soffit.   The transition duct is then securely attached to the designed fitting of the soffit vent so that the moisture being pushed out of the bathroom by the motorized exhaust fan is completely sealed. The moist air  is  discharged outside the passive cool air flow intake of the soffit being drawn into the attic for ventilation.


Moisture Flow Soffit Vent