Clean Air Quality is a major focus in the USA

Moisture Flow ® is a New Jersey based company specializing in Clear Air Quality replacing antiquated products and practices in the building industry.

For more that 30 years manufacturers have been supplying outlets and distributors inadequate soffit vents used for venting a bathroom exhaust fan to the exterior under the requirements of the International Code Council that governors the USA Building Code.

These vents instead of solving long-standing are actually contributing the cause of attic mold and moisture damage in the home.

Once the problem was realized instead of solving it the International Code Council came out with steps to remediate the damage. This only increased the creation of more Remediation Companies that is a billion dollar industry. Most of all it has increased the costs of medical treatments from mold contamination.

In the end it is left to the homeowners to cover the billions of dollars required to address the effects.

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Today Americans’ main concern is Covid-19. This epidemic has turned our lives upside down leaving us with a lot of unanswered questions about tomorrow. What we do know for certain is those with weakened immune systems are more at risk.

What is more alarming are family members are testing positive from the virus in their own homes due to the lock down.

Could mold contamination in the homes be a factor from weakened immune system? After all we spend in excess of half trillion dollars annually for medical treatments and loss of business productivity in the USA. The Soffit Vent could be a solution focusing on the preemptive measures stopping it instead of the costly effects of mold and moisture damage in the homes a factor of mold contamination.


A testimony of a new homeowner on a home that was only four months old using a code approved soffit vent.



Mold Could Be A Silent Killer In Your Home