Black Mold Causes Serious Health Problems With:


Black Mold

In the Attic Caused By Improper Venting of Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Moisture Flow Soffit Vent

MoistureFlow Soffit Vent is the Answer

"Innovative - Groundbreaking - Revolutionary"

Your Family – Especially Children

The Elderly

Those with Weakened Immune Systems

Your Domestic Pets

The Soffit Vent had several improvements made in the last few months through the Engineering testing.

The body of the vent is now longer to accommodate a broader range of soffit sizes. Prefabricated rivets on the body were added to allow easy cut to fit the placement of the vent depending on the width of the soffit. Once the correct size is determined and the section of the body has been cut to size, the two pieces slide together and snap in a secure fit. The corners of the vent were rounded for esthetics, and better reactions with the exterior wind movement pushing the moist air extracted from the bathroom exhaust fan more efficiently away from the soffit. These modifications improved the original concept from preventing the warm air to return into the air intake stream of the soffit. The soffit is designed to bring cool air into the attic and then circulates out the ridge vent in the roof.

The Moisture Flow Soffit Vents an adapted termination that effectively displaces moisture out of the home and inhibits moisture from flowing back into the attic. This groundbreaking design displaces the moisture outside of the soffit passive air passive air stream, moving the moisture from the fan exhaust effectively away from the home. This invention will save homeowners in the United States Billions of Dollars. Last year homeowners spent over $9 billions from mold and moisture damage in their attic space from improper venting.

In The Beginning

After the Rework