Mold Contamination Will Harm Human Organs

Mold contamination will harm the human organs. In some cases it can lead to death. Each year thousands of homeowners are contaminated by mold and missed diagnosed as allergies. Medical treatment can cost thousands of dollars and recovery can take between three to nine months in general.

According to medical research people exposed to mold may have a few common symptoms. Those with significant exposure usually have 10 to 15 distinct symptoms. Mold contamination has been broken down in three Levels; Level – I Common Symptoms, Level – II Advanced Symptoms of Mold Exposure and Level – III Late Symptoms of Mold Exposure

Mold exposure is known to be the most misdiagnosed illness in the USA.  Your family physician may not be trained in environmental sciences and its related illnesses. Mold is an environmental issue and when you leave the intoxication areas you may feel better. This is one reason when describing your symptoms to a doctor it is like “it comes and goes”. Leaving the area of mold spores in the air will give you this effect.

An Environmental Toxicologist is trained to detect your symptoms because they focus on where you live, work and concentrate when your symptoms manifest.



Symptoms of Mold Contamination with Domestic Pets


The cost of medical treatment for dog with  mold intoxication can be very expensive treatment. The expense can range for $500 to $2,000 depending the exposure. On the average, the national cost of a treatment is $1,200.00. The time for a successful treatment is a month or more.