Moisture Flow Videos

Tom Silva, “The Old House” shows the results of improper bathroom venting in the attic.  He is a contractor notable for his long-running participation in the PBS show. Tom Siva brothers and his nephew are also known for their publications in Old House ventures and projects.

Moisture Flow Soffit Vent

Moisture Flow Soffit Vent does ALL THE RIGHT THINGS!


The Soffit Vent patent establishes the function of moist air from a bathroom exhaust fan and the soffit’s cool air passive air stream for the attic air flow.

This innovative, groundbreaking and revolutionary design displaces the moisture outside of the soffit’s passive air stream, moving the moisture from the bathroom fan exhaust effectively away from the home.


The product is designed to evacuate hot moist air from a bathroom exhaust fan vented to a soffit.

The end of the vent rests underneath the eave, sitting flush with the gutter line.  The soffit vent will always be protected from outdoor elements as it is sitting under the eave.

There is a “drip tongue” on the underside of the vent, centered and at the base.  This feature is designed to evacuate condensation immediately, primarily for cold weather, and to prevent ice buildup.

The termination point is angled toward the house, which eliminates surface area at the end of the vent, which is where ice damming is likely to occur.

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