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Moisture Flow Manufacturing, LLC has invented two venting systems – the soffit vent and the roof vent.  These products focus on environmental and health issues caused by mold growth and moisture damage from improperly vented bathroom exhaust fans.  In the United States, homeowners spend a combined total of $10 billion dollars annually on mold contamination remediation and moisture damage repairs.  The annual health-care costs from mold contamination and the loss in business productivity due to employee sickness are more than half a trillion dollars.

The attic is not part of the living space, is “out of sight out of mind,” with inspections few and far between.  Once mold is visible on ceilings and walls beneath the attic, then the mold is already in an advanced stage of growth.  The underlying causes of attic mold include;  (1) The bath fan or bath fan transition duct vents directly into the attic, (2) venting directly into the soffit, (3) the deterioration of the common roof vent.

We have also developed the Blast 2 Last Mold Killer.  Our trade secret formula kills mold on contact and prevents regrowth on surfaces that have been treated.  Removing mold is the first step in mold remediation.  Preventing mold growth is the second step.  Blast 2 Last Mold Killer does both.  Once your mold problem has been solved with Blast 2 Last, installing our patented venting systems will prevent future moisture and mold problems.

Moisture damage and mold contamination is detrimental to homes, buildings, and their occupants.  These problems and their common causes, however, are avoidable with the products Moisture Flow Manufacturing has developed.  All of our products are code-compliant.

Government agencies, building code organizations, and the building industry as a whole have not effectively provided a viable option to vent bathroom exhaust fans to a soffit.

According to a study by Got Mold, Inc., in 2015 and the National Statistics Bureau, homeowners spent over $73 billion in structural repairs and remediation in homes, with over $10 billion attributed to attic mold.

The Venting  Systems are Multifaceted Concepts


Moisture Flow Manufacturing’s products solve and prevent a multitude of problems related to structural and health-care costs caused by improperly vented bathroom exhaust fans.  It targets the cost to repair structural damage and mold remediation caused by improperly vented bathroom exhaust fans, in excess of $10 billion annually.

They address the health-care costs and loss of business productivity due to employee illness in the United States, which amounts to over half a trillion dollars annually. *

October 25, 2012 by got mold?®

The Soffit Vent System is an adapted termination that now provides builders and homeowners with the ability to vent a bathroom exhaust fan through the soffit without running the risk of the exhausted air circulating back into the attic.  Our soffit vent prevents mold growth in the attic caused by improperly venting bath fans in the attic.  It is also a viable alternative to venting through the roof or to a gable wall, which both have limitations and potentially negative effects on home and health.

The Roof Vent System focuses on the shortcomings of the common roof vents currently on the market.  It is an alternative way of venting when a bathroom exhaust fan is too far from a soffit or the home does not have a soffit.

Both venting systems will improve the integrity of the home, eliminate costly repairs, prevent mold growth, and improve indoor air quality in the home.  The Venting Systems have a lifetime warranty against any defects.

Venting System Features
  • THRIVE™ A sustainable thermoplastic composite
  • Lightweight & Pre-Assembled
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • An Eco-friendly material derived from cellulose fibers
  • Easy install, one-size-fits-all soffits
  • Job Creation
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