The following images of  damage in the attic of moist air from improper venting of the exhaust fans will affect the air quality in the home. This is extremely dangerous because it will cause a major health problem in the living space of the home.

Mold growth in the insulation

Advanced stage of mold embedded in the  insulation and it must be replaced – the minimum cost of remediation is $500 to $850.

Mold growth sheathing and insulation

Mold growth on the sheathing   and insulation – remediation costs $1650 to $1850.

Advanced mold growth

The attic sheathing had been compromised by mold –  this remediation is approximately  $10,000.

Sever mold growth

 Mold embedded in the sheathing and the sheathing must be replaced – remediation cost as much as  $30,000. This could cause major health problems!