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4 Signs that you Need Venting for Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Richard SchofelSeptember 11, 2019

Venting for Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Published by: houseremediationhaven August 30, 2019

Most American homes have bathroom exhaust fans but just having that does not necessarily mean that you have enough precautionary measures to avoid mold growth. You may be only siphoning air into another room. Good thing there are companies like Moisture Flow so you wouldn’t have to worry about venting your bathroom exhaust fan yourself. If you are experiencing one or more signs of the below examples, it should be a good indication that you need to change your exhaust fan and also have it vented.

Mirrors are Fogging

If there is a difference in temperature in a room, fogging may still be experienced but only to a very minimal degree. If fogging of a room happens too often and seems prolonged, it may be a sign that the bathroom isn’t properly ventilated. Steam is the main cause of glass and mirror fogging, so prolonged fogging means that steam is not being properly fanned out of the room.

Odor Lingers

Of course, if steam isn’t being siphoned out of a room, you can bet that odor is going to linger. One sure sign of poor ventilation is if odor stays in a room even after you try to “air it out”. If you want to test, try spraying a mild cologne in the room with the exhaust on. Leave for a while and then see if the smell is still there when you come back. If the cologne smell lingers, unplea4 Signs that you Need Venting for Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Ceiling Stains

Some homes only have exhaust fans installed as their ventilation system but this is not enough. There is a tendency that the air that from your exhaust fan will only be funneled to your attic and stay there. This includes the odors, as well as steamy or humid air. Humidity that is trapped in the attic will lead to mold growth on your ceiling and thus the stains. Ceiling stains could also be a sign of condensation because of a fault in the exhaust piping or poor insulation material which is also a sign that you need venting for your bathroom exhaust fan or repairs and replacement of already existing systems are in order.

It’s easy to not notice that steam is taking too long to be siphoned out of your bathroom and some of us might just shrug musty odor in the bathroom because grown used to it. If any of these signs occur, don’t wait for your bathroom ceiling to discolor or start oozing; have your exhaust fan check and vented.

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