Anneliese Khalil inventor of the Moisture Flow Soffit Vent

Anneliese Khalil

CTO of Moisture Flow Manufacturing, LLC

Inventor of the Moisture Flow Soffit Vent

My name is Anneliese Khalil and I am the inventor of the Moisture Flow Soffit Vent.  I graduated from Rutgers University Sum Cum Laude with a Masters of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) in 2008.  For the past ten years, I have been an energy advisor, inspector, and consultant.  I have served both the public and private sectors in furthering energy efficiency madates and best practices.  After years of field work, the need for a bath fan soffit vent termination that can be used without running the risk of the exhausted air going into the attic became too apparent to ignore.  As a result, I set out to create a product that would solve this problem. The Moisture Flow Soffit Vent is the final product.  It was forged over six years of extensive research, design, and development, with the intent to create a product that allows for safe, effective, and responsible bath fan venting to the soffit.  My professional certifications include:

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst
EPA Energy Star v3 Verification Rater
BPI Healthy Homes Evaluator