Moisture Flow House Mold Remediation Cost

“I believe clean air is a right and not a privilege.”

– Richard Schofel / CEO

Homeowners spend on an average $35 per month for security systems to guard against intruders entering the home. A security system does not stop the invasion of mold which is a silent killer that could be living in your home. Our products cost less than a security system and will stop mold.

Moisture Flow™ is a New Jersey based company specializing in developing innovative products to solve structural, environmental, and health problems caused by outdated construction products and practices.

Over the last several years clean air quality has become a major topic nationwide. Whether it is emissions, greenhouse gases or the six criteria pollutants, ground-level Ozone, Particular Matter, Carbon Monoxide, Lead, Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. These are important concerns to all Americans.

Moisture Flow™ is owned and operated by home improvement contractors. We understand the importance of indoor clean air quality protecting the homeowners’ most valuable assets, their health and home. Home and building industry studies revealed the home’s worst enemy was mold growth caused by condensation and moisture damage. The studies showed that mold is a silent killer affecting people, domestic pets and the structure. Annual economic costs for the health care combined with remediation and repairs for structural damage exceeded a half trillion dollars.

In order for mold to grow it needs the right conditions. It requires food, water and oxygen. The food is in the form of organic matter such as paper, drywall, wood and other natural fibers material. Unfortunately, mold spores are everywhere in the home, the attic, living space, basements and crawl spaces. To prevent mold growth, all surfaces must be clean and dry, and provide plenty of ventilation.

Attic mold is where our concentration is directed because the attic is not considered a living space, “out of sight out of mind”. Inspections are few and far between. The costs of remediation and repairs from attic mold by homeowners in USA exceeds over $15 Billion annually. Mold spores are able to spread throughout the home by the air movement in the attic through air leaks in openings to the  floors below. The warm moist air improperly extracted from the bathroom mixes with the attic’s cooler air circulation and condensates creating mold. 

The main goal of Moisture Flow™ is to educate people about the effects of mold in their homes caused by antiquated products and practices. For the past five years Moisture Flow™ has been developing products using new technology to target mold in the homes. The Soffit Vent is a patented product the first in our pipeline.

The Soffit Vent System by Moisture Flow™ will stop attic mold from improper venting. It is cost efficient and solves a long-standing a problem safely and effectively by venting a bathroom exhaust fan through the soffit. The moist air from the bathroom is vented to the exterior required by Building Code. It is released outside the soffits passive air flow that is used as the intake of cool fresh air for the attic circulation.

We are working on several products that are in their advanced stages coming out in 2020. Our line will include a roof vent air venting systems, a liquid mold killer designed to kill mold in a single application no matter where it is in the home. We are also working on innovative hand tools for the home.  

Moisture Flow products are all make in the USA. We support the Stephen Siller Foundation Tunnel to Towers, Folds of Honor Foundation and St. Judes.