Moisture Flow House Mold Remediation Cost

“I believe clean air is a right and not a privilege.”

– Richard Schofel / CEO

Moisture Flow™ is a New Jersey-based company specializing in developing innovative products to solve structural, environmental, and health problems caused by outdated construction products and practices.

The approach is concentrating on Indoor Clean Air Quality for the building industry for homeowners to protect their most valuable assets, their Health and Home. Our mission is developing new technology replacing antiquated products and practices.

Our products offer consumers positive results that are effective, low-cost, with easy installation solving real problems. (endorsements)

A three-year study was conducted with industries related to homes and buildings. The data compiled was astonishing. The economic costs associated with mold and moisture damage in homes and building exceeded a half-trillion dollars annually.

Mold is a silent killer and if it lives in your home over time if untreated it can kill the occupants, their domestic pets and the home itself.

In the USA, there are 136 million existing homes and 5.6 million commercial buildings. In August 2019, new residential building permits filed were 1.419 million according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Soffit Vent was designed for these homes and buildings regardless of their age. The Soffit Vent can be installed quickly and easily in any soffit.

Mold and moisture damage for years has caused havoc on both people and their homes that have been ignored until they experience their effects. Mold and moisture problems are very serious problems and should not be taken lightly.

What is the True Economic Cost of Mold?

In the USA, 7 out of 10 homes have or will have mold and moisture problems. Mold and moisture damage attributed to improper venting of a bath exhaust fan is extremely costly to the attic.  According to statistics of the $108 billion spent annually for mold and moisture damage remediation is $73 billion is in the attic and home. 

Attic inspections are few and far between because it is not considered a living space. Out of sight Out of Mind!  By the time signs of mold or moisture damage are apparent the damage is already present.   

The first product in our line is the Soffit Vent System. It focuses on the improper venting of a bathroom exhaust fan and is a  preemptive measure that STOPS attic mold and moisture damage.

The Soffit Vent is an easy fit to solve a major problem. It was designed as an alternative for the National Home Builders instead of venting through the roof. 

It is also ideal for the 50 million Do-It-Yourself homeowners is designed to be installed as a retrofit. It can be installed regardless of the age of the home. The installation is easy and only requires small hand tools. 

The Soffit Vent has been tested by ReVireo, an accredited energy efficiency and green building service company.

          Moisture Flow™ Pipeline

Moisture Flow™ has several new products that are in the pipeline in their advanced stages and two of them are scheduled to be released in the first half of 2020. 

The Roof Vent will be the next product to be released. The prototypes have already been made and have been tested. The third product is a liquid mold killer. The mold killer has been registered under the name of “Blast 2 Last”. Blast 2 Last has been tested in many homes for mold in the attic and other parts of the home. In all of the tested homes, the product was successful. In the areas that were treated there was never a regrowth in over ten months.


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Soffit Vent System
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