Moisture Flow Manufacturing specializes in developing innovative products that focus solving environmental and health problems caused by outdated construction practices and methods.  We have developed two venting systems – The Soffit Vent and Roof Vent.  We have also developed Blast 2 Last, an eco-friendly liquid mold killer.

Homeowners spend over $10 billion dollars annually on remediation caused by mold growth in attics from improperly vented bathroom exhaust fans.  The annual healthcare costs associated with mold contamination and loss in business productivity due to employee sickness are more than half a trillion dollars.  Domestic pets are also affected by mold contamination, with medical treatment ranging from $500 to over $2,000.

Building codes do not address or promote best practices for venting bathroom exhaust fans.  Building codes only state that fans must be vented to the outside. However, only the exhaust fans and the transition ductwork of the fan are regulated.  The types of vents, how and where they are placed are not regulated. Therefore, the problems caused by improperly venting bathroom exhaust fans have never been addressed from a code standpoint.  Moisture damage and mold growth are detrimental to homes and their occupants. These damages, when caused by improperly vented bathroom exhaust fans in attics, are avoidable using the right products. Yet these problems are largely unaddressed and results in huge costs and repairs.

Mold contamination is dangerous because most people assumes that level I symptoms are allergies or are misdiagnosed as something else.  Most primary care practitioners are not trained to treat mold poisoning, and their approach is limited to prescribing steroids and dangerous antifungal medications, many of which are liver-toxic. Recovering from a mold-induced illness requires an integrative approach under the guidance of at least one knowledgeable healthcare practitioner. The proper doctor for mold contamination treatment is an Environmental Medicine Physician. They focus on the interaction between humans and their environment.  Therefore, mold contamination is so dangerous because it can oftentimes be mistaken as something else.

The core objective of Moisture Flow Manufacturing is to educate homeowners and builders on mold and how to prevent it. We have spent over six years on research, detailed engineering, development, and final prototypes of the venting systems as well as the formulation of our liquid mold killer.  We are now ready for production. We are asking for your support so that we may get these products on the market, filling multiple unmet market needs to make homes healthier and more durable.  Thank you for your consideration.