Mold and moisture damage is not a regional problem. If a house has a soffit then they need the Soffit Vent.

“I believe clean air is a right and not a privilege.”

– Richard Schofel / CEO

Moisture Flow Manufacturing is a New Jersey-based company that specializes in developing innovative products to solve structural, environmental, and health problems caused by outdated construction products and practices. The Soffit Vent System is a patent-pending invention that is a  preemptive measure that eliminates attic mold and moisture damage caused by improper venting of a bathroom exhaust fan.

In 2016,  I had the privilege of meeting Anneliese Khalil, who had recently taken the preliminary steps in filing a patent for the Soffit Vent. As an energy advisor, an inspector, and a consultant Anneliese was well aware of the destruction mold and moisture caused to both a persons health and their homes. Being a contractor in Home Improvements for 35 years and having and having the experience in marketing new products we joined forces.

Over the next three years, I redesigned  Soffit Vent and obtained an agreement with International Paper to use Thrive™, an  Eco-Friendly material for the manufacturing of the Soffit Vent.

It has been my experience the majority of the homeowners’ address this problem once they are faced with costly expenses of the remediation. 

Soffit Vent System


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