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“I Believe Clean Air Is A Right And Not A           Privilege.”                                                                     – Richard Schofel / CEO

A Message From the CEO

The main goal of Moisture Flow ® is to educate people about the effects of mold and moisture damage in the attics. Once it develops in the attic it then spreads through the rest of the house.

The International Code Council and the International Residential Codes requires that all bathrooms have an exhaust fan that vents the moist air to the exterior.

Unfortunately, the type of vents considered code compliant are not regulated, only the exhaust fan’s are because they are motorized. The vents are the termination of the exhaust fan’s ductwork.

The consumers can only buy what the manufacturers make and sell. They offer a choice of designs but they are ALL ineffective. Their position is if it sells then why change.

These practices required the Building Codes to write new regulations on how to remediate the damage that was caused by the inadequate vents at the homeowners expense.

The direct cause of this problem is a long-standing problem hampering the construction industry by antiquated products and practices. To respond the problem of mold and moisture damage Remediation Companies flourished into a very lucrative business making  billions of dollars nationwide.

For the past five years Moisture Flow™ has been developing products using new technology and science to address a problem that has not been corrected or  addressed for the past 40 years.

Moisture Flow ® concept is to offer homeowners and builders products that actually solves a problems instead of creating them. Our inventions are protected by a patent.

My company understands the importance of “Indoor Clean Air Quality”  providing homeowners’ and builders protection of a person’s most valuable assets: their health and home.

Home and building industry studies revealed the home’s worst enemy was mold growth caused by condensation and moisture damage. The studies showed that mold and moisture damage can lead  to mold contamination  a silent killer affecting people, domestic pets and the structure. Annual economic costs for the health care combined with remediation and repairs for structural damage exceeded a half trillion dollars.

The Soffit Vent System by Moisture Flow™ will stop attic mold from improper venting. It is cost efficient and solves a long-standing a problem safely and effectively by venting a bathroom exhaust fan through the soffit and not into the soffit.  The moist air from the bathroom is vented to the exterior required by Building Code. It is released outside the soffits passive air flow that is used as the intake of cool fresh air for the attic’s circulation.

We are working on several products that are in their advanced stages coming out in 2021. Our line will include a roof vent, air venting system and a liquid mold killer designed to kill mold in a single application no matter where it is in the home.

Moisture Flow products are all make in the USA. We support the Stephen Siller Foundation Tunnel 2 Towers, Fold of Honor and St. Jude’s.